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Nov 5, 2010

My Artworks - 2

Discovery of Memory, Mix Media, 2010
The Nearby Neighbourhood, Mix Media, 2011
Above & Beneath The Surface II, Mix Media, 2011
It has been six years passed since i made my first appearance in local / Malaysian art scene in 2004. I exhibited mostly in watercolour paintings, depicting scenery, street views and greenery which i had done in 2002 and 2003, in the early years.

In 2006, i started painting in oil and mix used of oil, gouache, watercolour, charcoal and pastel on my artworks in 2007. Since then, i love to try something that is new to me. The mix-use of different medium in an artwork could sometime to certain extent bring surprising effect and unexpected result. This is the part i enjoying in and like most in a painting process.

As time goes on, I am now have developed several series of artworks namely, 'Life Is Going On', 'The Discovery Series', and 'The Recall of Memory'. The subject matters are wider than before and no longer solely represent the visible to naked eyes. More experiments, thinking process, inputs, hard work and inspirations are needed to improve and attain desired quality before reaching level of maturity in artworks. Painting is an ongoing process and it involves bitter-sweet in which we discover, learn and make it a philosophy in our own canvas of life.

Quotes by Paul Klee :

"The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions."

"Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible."

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