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Feb 3, 2010

Art in Japan

After staying here for more than a month, i discover that art community in Japan is active and alive. Their art activities (all form of art : visual art, music, performing art, sculpture,ceramic and etc) are everywhere. Information about art events can easily be found through flyers and leaflets in shopping cpmplexes, posters pasted on the streets and even in dry cleaning shop, advertisments in radio, documentary programs and brief report from art galleries in TV. Support and response from Japanese government, privates companies and general public is tremendously strong and overwhelming.

In Japan, there is at least one city art gallery in every perfectual / district. In Fukuoka perfectual here, there are city art gallery, city art museum, perfectual art museum, Asian Art Museum and some other private galleries in shopping centres and private companies. An exciting news and good environment for art lovers. Of course, not all the art exhibitions is for free admission. One has to pay between 300yen to to 1,800yen per exhibition.


  1. great artwerk:D..luvv yr style=]

    luvv n respect

  2. My friend helped me by computer software for the postcards designs. Initially I gotta draw first Loh. The old tactics Lah. Mix everything on paper and boom...One drawing boost out.