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Feb 2, 2011

"Life Is Going On" Shireen Lee 1st Solo Exhibition 2011

"Life Is Going On" Shireen Lee Solo Exhibition is held from 8th until 18th March 2011 at Atrium of Fukuoka Chuo Bank Ltd. head office located in Daimyo area of Fukuoka City, Japan. The exhibition runs from 8am to 9pm during weekdays and from 9am to 5pm during weekends. Free admission and all are welcome to visit the exhibition.

Pic : Fukuoka Chuo Bank Ltd. Head Office
                              Pic : Atrium & Main Entrance of the bank.

The objective of the exhibition is to promote cultural exchange through the showcase of artworks by Malaysian artist, Shireen Lee. The exhibits including various sizes of artworks done in watercolour, oil, charcoal and mix media depicting flora in different stages of life and the artist's interpretation on 'Art and Life'. This is the first solo exhibition of the artist after actively joining art circle in her homeland for 7 years. The theme, "Life Is Going On", is the title of one of her series of paintings.  

For Shireen, "Life Is Going On" is an encouragement for life or living to resume after encountering some kinds of difficulties or resistance. For instance, humans may come across some bitter-sweet in their life but no matter what had happened in the past, life still have to be continued to live in this world. All kind of livings have their own life cycle and so as the process of making a painting and the journey of becoming an artist, for every art-piece has a story to tell and every artist has a journey to share.

If you are happen to be in Fukuoka now, please do not miss this and drop by to visit the exhibition.  To get there , take Subway (Chikatetsu) Kuko Line and stop at Akasaka Eki. The exhibition venue is about 1 minute walking from exit no.3. See you there.

For more information, please visit website below: (under the icon アトリウム催し物) or

Pic : Sign board at Akasaka Station and Exit No.3

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