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Dec 5, 2011

4 December 2011 : Interview in the program "Words Around The World" Through Love FM 76.1 Fukuoka, Japan


「九州を外国人がもっと住みやすい場所にするには?」  「九州が外国人にもっと訪れやすい場所になるには?」 Love FMのDJや福岡の大学に通う様々な国の留学生たちが、日本に来て戸惑った事や、お互いの文化・風習の違いについてスタジオに集まって楽しく語り合う討論バラエティ番組。 


 2011年12月4日放送のFeel the worldにお越し頂きましたゲストはマレーシアのクアラルンプール出身のシリーンリーさんです。アジアを中心に様々な地域で、美術展をされています。福 岡が大好きで、今日本語を勉強しながら絵を描いています。また、シリーンリーさんは、なんと、英語、中国語、マレー語、日本語が喋れます!彼女のブログはこちらで す。


Love FM 76.1 "Feel The World" is an international program that on-aired on every Sunday evening from 7pm to 9pm, for foreigners who lives in Fukuoka, and also for Japanese who are interested in foreign countries. “How can Fukuoka be an international city?”  “How could make foreigners live more convenient and comfortable in Fukuoka?” This program has a discussion section named "Words Around The World" inviting foreigners who live in Fukuoka to the studio and make a live interview. The topic is mainly about the view of foreigners on foreign country and Fukuoka. There are always many discoveries and culture shocks be highlighted during the 20 minutes interview. . DJ Rhea is a main host and each time with a foreigner DJ who is from France, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and Philippines. The program enables foreigners and local Japanese to understand each others more through the exchange of perspectives and expression of feeling.

On 4th December 2011, I had been invited to the studio for interview. The interview was conducted in smooth and relaxing way. Although i could choose to speak in either Japanese of English, i decided to try my best in Japanese considering most of the audiences might understand the language better compared to English. The contents were circled on when, why and how i came to start painting, my solo art exhibitions in Fukuoka and the response of people here towards it,  my favorite artists, the relationship between my study (Town & Regional Planning) in university and art career or artworks, my life and experience as a foreigner living in Fukuoka in terms of  communication problems, culture shock and so on besides a brief introduction of homeland, Malaysia. 

To listen to the interview, please highlight the below and go to  "open link". You may open it through Windows Media Player. The interview is in Japanese Language. Do enjoy Listening !!!




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