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Oct 28, 2010

'Nature in Art' Art Exhibition

"Nature in Art" was held in the Artists' Space Cafe at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor from 1st June till 31st July 2005. It was launched by Shah Alam Gallery Director Mohd. Said Abu in the company of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam general manager Mr. Karl Muir. One of the objectives of the exhibition was to help people to better appreciate the beauty of nature.

It was one of my group exhibitions with Hasnee A. Rahman, Hadi Salleh, Rashid Yusof, Johnson Chow and Tan Yew Chong. I was the only female artist who took part in this exhibition. There were 60 artworks with theme focusing on lush rain forest, sparkling rivers, colourful fish and Malay villages. The media featured included acrylic, oil, watercolour and metal art. Each of us was unique in our own painting style of expressing our skills and feeling towards nature.

I had 10 artworks been exhibited in this 6 men show and two pieces of them were sold in the first week of the exhibition. It was like a kind of encouragement for me in the early stage of my art career. 'Daun' series was the title i gave to some of my paintings in this exhibition, simply portraying the beauty of leaves grown in our surrounding.

Time passes and now looking back to the way i have come along, i realize that this 'Daun' actually is the early form of my 'Life is Going On' series. 'Daun' has evolved into a form of 'Life'. I always tell myself, either we are happy or not, depressed or not, suffering or not, we can not stop life or living from being going on. Sun is still rising from the east and setting in the west regardless to what's happened to one's life.

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